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Purchase an automatic knife from our knife store in Lafayette, LA

Don't go camping without a trusty automatic knife at your side. The Rustic Renegade has a huge selection of knives for sale in Lafayette, LA. If you need a bowie knife to take on hunting trips or a compact automatic knife to carry on your side at all times, you'll appreciate our selection. Our knife shop carries only knives that come highly recommended by our experienced staff members. You can count on us to help you find a knife that will exceed your expectations.

Drop by our knife store today to purchase a quality knife for your hunting trip. We test knives in the field before selling them in our store.

See what makes automatic knives so popular

The Rustic Renegade is a knife store in Lafayette, LA with a huge selection of knives for sale.
You should buy an automatic knife because:

  • Their blades can be deployed with the push of a button
  • They are essential when you only have one hand available
  • They are safer to operate than ordinary knives
  • They are made to stand up to frequent use
  • They are ideal for fishermen

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