Welcome to The Rustic Range.

Lafayette's first and only Tomahawk Throwing Range is located in one of the manliest places on earth. "Where could such a place be?", one might ask...and the answer would be, "Behind The Rustic Renegade."

Believe it or not, throwing a tomahawk is the perfect way to break up the monotony of life, by hurling all your daily frustrations down custom-built lanes at a giant hunk of wood. You also get the opportunity to experience the pleasure of learning a new skill, while simultaneously preparing for things like a zombie apocalypse. Think about all the ammo you would save with a sack of tomahawks.

The average person is sticking their tomahawk within the first five to ten throws, and to be honest, it's easier than it looks. Here is your opportunity for a little healthy competition with your friends in a fun, safe, and friendly environment that will keep you from ever being bored again.

Caleb Morse

Range Master

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