Axe Throwing & More Games

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Twenty-one Axe Throwing

First player to 21 wins the game. If your score goes over 21, you get kicked back down to 15 points.


  • Outer white - one point
  • Red Ring - two points
  • Inner White Ring - three points
  • Blue Ring- four points
  • Black Bullseye - five points
  • One-Inch Black Dot in the outer white is the KillShot - Instant Victory.

During the game each player is granted one KillShot. Player must call the KillShot prior to the throw, otherwise it is considered an outer white point.

Color Run

Hit the colors in the predetermined order to achieve victory.

  • Bullseye
  • Blue
  • Inner white
  • Red
  • Outer white
  • Red
  • Inner white
  • Blue
  • Bullseye

Double Color Run

  • Bullseye (Single strike)
  • Red two consecutive throws
  • Inner white two consecutive throws
  • Blue two consecutive throws
  • Bullseye (Single strike)


(One tomahawk per person game)
Game starts with each player making one throw, and closest to bullseye goes first.
That player then calls the color and makes their throw:

  • If successful, next player must match the color, and score a successful throw. If they miss the color or don't stick the tomahawk, they earn a letter.
  • If unsuccessful, next player gets to make the color call and take control.

First person to spell out "HAWK" loses.
For extended play, spell out "TOMAHAWK."