Hide Your Guns and Valuables in Plain Sight in Lafayette, LA

Store prized possessions in handcrafted concealment furniture built by the crew at The Rustic Renegade

If you've never heard of gun concealment furniture, you're not alone. The master craftsmen at The Rustic Renegade build custom furniture with concealed storage space for firearms and other valuables. You won't need to worry about burglars stealing your prized possessions-they won't be able to find the items hidden in your Lafayette, LA home.

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firearm concealment furniture lafayette la

Don't settle for an ordinary gun safe

Instead of putting your valuables in a safe that might or might not stand up to a crowbar, consider storing them in elegant concealment furniture from The Rustic Renegade. We've been crafting attractive concealment furniture for residents of the Lafayette, LA area for years.

You can rely on us to build you a custom:

  • Night stand
  • Hanging shelf
  • Vanity
  • Dining table
  • Cabinet

Call now to discuss your needs and interests with a talented furniture maker.